His Provision Just Keeps Coming

As we prepared to depart Donetsk we mourned leaving our incredible friends who have encouraged us and been such a blessing to our kids.  We prayed that God would send many like those He sent in Ukraine to support and partner with us in this journey at home.  I’ll one day learn that when we make our requests made known to Him He will fill them beyond what we can imagine and in the most undeniable timing, when we need it most.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

As we boarded the British Airlines plane in Kyiv yesterday the flight attendants welcomed us and one of them asked me, “what brings you to Ukraine?”

I replied, “a 95 day journey to adopt these four teens.”

“WOW, four at one time?!”

At that the gentleman passenger in front of me, turned and said, “I was adopted from Ukraine at 14.”



That is awesome, we would love to talk with you.  We tried that during the flight but too many carts and people in the aisles so we made a plan to meet in the airport after departure.

His name is Ruslan, he is 28 today and a student in a Bible College in Pennsylvania.  He was returning from a trip to his former orphanage and others where he talked to the orphans about what God has done in his life.  As we talked about his adjustment and transformation he said that he has had a desire to help others who walk this path.  God had him in that place at that time for us.  We exchanged contact info, snapped a few photos and look forward to forming a friendship through this shared experience.

~ With Ruslan in the London Airport ~

God has proven over and over in this journey that He is working upstream.  His provision continually flows down over us and we are left drenched in His blessings.  He is so, so good to us.


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3 Responses to His Provision Just Keeps Coming

  1. Paula Settle says:

    Keep sending the stories.


  2. Kari says:

    I would love to get Ruslan’s info as well, if he is willing to share it. We adopted a 11 year old and 12 year old almost 2 1/2 years ago. They are now 13 and 15. I would LOVE some encouragement from a family that adopted a teenager and had a positive ending like this, and I know our kids would benefit. Even if he wrote out a mini testimony of his life, it could benefit so many adopted pre-teens and teens that we know. Could you pass along my email to him?
    Kari Volf

    • Us says:

      Sure!! I hope to contact him this week and will share your comment and email address. It was incredible that God put him right in front of me on that plane…the miracles never stop…and we keep watching for them at every turn.

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