Father’s Day

What an awesome Father’s Day!!  We are so blessed to have the most wonderful father and husband anyone could dream of.  Thank you Barney being all that you are…with your heart and mind totally centered on Christ and our family.  We are so thankful for you!!

These kids are incredible.  I watch them throughout the day and love to peek in on them as they sleep.  Their courage to walk away from all familiar into total dependence on us is humbling.  So far having a litter of teens is much like having a litter of kittens compared to just one.  They are delightful, more playful, laugh more freely and have fewer struggles with the alienation with the language since they have each other.  So far we have not one issue with having adopted 4 in one trip.  Adjustment to home and time may cause us to retract that statement, but for now , it is an incredible blessing!!  I cannot imagine the dynamic if any of them were missing.

They are exhausted from the 7 hour time change and 20 hour trip but press on and we spent 9 hours seeing the sights today.  When we got home they laughed and played for two hours non-stop.  Having had no brothers and no sons previously these two young men are quite an initiation into the world of young males for me!!  They are hilarious!!

~ The Guys with Dad ~

They are both tender, sweet and affectionate.  They hug and say thank you with sincerity…we are so honored for them to be our sons and hope we can model by example so we will enjoy celebrating Father’s Day with them when they are Dads too.

Here are a few favorite photos from our day in Washington, DC…

~ At the Lincoln Memorial ~

…where we talked about the last lines of the Gettysburg Address that say well the difference in our government and most others in the world, “these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

~ The Vietnam Memorial with Roses honoring the Fallen Fathers ~

~ On the Senate end of the US Capitol where tomorrow we will tour and meet our Senator, Mitch McConnell ~

~ A Protest on the Capitol Lawn ~

…where we talked about freedom of speech and the press.  That we are free to speak out against anything, even the President.

~ Our Two Future Fathers, for whom, along with their sisters, we pray for wisdom to lead them in the way they should go ~

We wrapped up the day with a tour through Arlington National Cemetery and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It was powerful and Barney shared with them that standing there in sight of those thousands of graves that he was reminded that Freedom is not Free.  Many men have paid the ultimate price that we might be free…we are so grateful and hope we are instilling that gratefulness in these four new  Americans and children.

We will be making definite plans for our return trip home tomorrow so we would appreciate prayers for wisdom.  We can rent a minivan reasonably but it will not hold all of our luggage, we would need to ship contents of some suitcases by UPS.  We also have two who are struggling with motion sickness, we’ve got prescription strength drugs for it but no chance to demo them prior to setting out committed to that many hour drive through the mountains.  Airlines are also an option but exponentially more expensive.  We’ll see what God leads tomorrow morning.

Here is a funny I have to share from tonight…the front desk was out of quarters for the laundry, the shuttle to take us to a store to change them out was gone for the day and we were out of clean clothes for tomorrow.  Being me, I struck out with $10 and determination that I would find quarters in the pockets of the many folks here.  My first stop was two very nice African American ladies sitting in the lobby area.  I stated the facts about the desk being out of quarters and needing to do laundry.  They both initially shook their heads that they had no quarters.  As I was thanking them I said, “I have four teenagers upstairs and no clean clothes for tomorrow so I’m on a serious hunt for quarters.”  One of them exclaimed, “FOUR teenagers, oh, Dear LORD!!” and started digging in her purse.  Her friend did the same and they came up with $3.00 worth of quarters!!  That just tickled me to death!!  I told them it was so awesome and they were incredible and that we were so blessed.  And struck out to do the laundry like a good Mom does!!  🙂

God Bless you everyone!!  We love you and will be home soon!!

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2 Responses to Father’s Day

  1. Linda says:


    Jimmy and I struggle still with motion sickness. Before they get in the van, ensure they have full tummies (but not overfull) and that they have cold drink to SIP on. Also, if they can sit in front (perhaps take turns?) and watch out the front window. Or even from the back, try to watch out the window it helps. (We have found that watching the road ahead & anticipating any movement changes such as turns & lane changes is KEY!) Keep the A/C on, it helps. Also, dramamine works for me but only if I take it prior to the trip. Once I am sick, it is too late.

    Linda Graves

    • Us says:

      We chickened out and got airline tickets. I could just see getting into the middle of the West Va. mountains and both of them being so sick we could go no further. Not fun…especially when it is 11 hours at best. Too much risk. So, we’re going to take our prescription strength motion sickness medicine the kind doctor at the Medical Center in Kiev gave us and pray for great success!! Thanks for the tips though, we’ll need them for any road trip over 15 minutes. Praying that getting home and settled down and knowing we are in for life will help. They have to be so anxious….if not they are not breathing.

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