Home on the 101st Day!!

Homeward bound!!  We’ve seen loads and learned alot in DC.  It was definitely worth the time and was a great bridge between Kiev and home.  The kids surely will be motivated to learn English with our new Rosetta Stone software with little prodding from us.  🙂  It was total immersion and a great intro to America.

Lord willing, tomorrow at 5:45 p.m. we land in Louisville on Southwest flight #484 at 5:45 in the evening from a nonstop flight from Baltimore.

It has been an incredible 101 days…unforgettable…life changing…miracle after miracle…God at work in the smallest details in every minute.  It will be interesting to see what life looks like from here…we have no idea.  We began to try to remember where we were when the call came and then the date to travel arrived.  Nothing has been the same since August 24, 2009…and never will be.  This has been beyond incredible.  We are so humbled.

If you’d like to meet us tomorrow, we would love to have you!!  But, please do not feel obligated to come.  We will enjoy connecting with each of you in the coming weeks and months and having the opportunity for you to really get to know these incredible, courageous four young people.

We love you all and cherish your prayers for travel mercies tomorrow.  We leave our hotel at noon (EST), our flight leaves at 4 p.m. and we will be HOME at 5:45 p.m….amazing!  Especially considering those 6+ very dark weeks we thought we would arrive at Louisville International alone…we are so grateful to our GREAT God who has freed them and blessed us beyond measure.

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4 Responses to Home on the 101st Day!!

  1. Sally Healy says:

    It’s finally over. I’m thinking back to the email I sent you, the week before you left. Amazing the ride this has been. We always knew it would be a roller coaster, but for your guys it was sure a doozie. Totally amazing.

    And while it’s finally over, really it’s just beginning. 🙂

    I hope you will keep posting!!

    • Us says:

      Last week I showed Alex and he read that email and I told the story of the failed adoption and how we got to Prolisky and then how all the delays both at home and with the court added up the the exact days we could get his referral. Amazing. He beamed. 🙂 It truly is just starting. Thanks for the prayers. We will try to post as often as we can and be respectful of the kids as well. That will be a tricky balance but we will try because we want to encourage others to pursue these older kids. They are pure delight. We’ve laughed until we’ve cried at them. They are just precious and so LOVE being loved and having a family. We are so humbled that God has entrusted them to us. Thank you for walking each step of the way with us…we are forever grateful to you and all the others. I wish you could be there tomorrow when we arrive, they and we would love to say Thank you and give you a big hug!! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Hope your flight home is as smooth as the one “across the pond” was…as you put it. Grandmomma called this afternoon and gave me your travel plans home as well as hers. Needless to say, she is so excited to meet her four new angels and hug and love on all of you!!! You know she`s been on this roller coaster with you. We were talking about the energy this journey has required, and I think you have and will continue to draw energy from God, of course, and from the kids!!! They`ll keep you young! And that`s not a bad thing. 🙂 My prayers continue with you.

    • Us says:

      Thank you for riding the ride with Mom…it has to have been more difficult on this side than it was on our side of the world. We knew what was happening every minute, she could not. We too look forward to sharing hugs and hellos with her and each of you. Thank you for praying us through this…and please keep them coming as we find our new normal at home. The kids are awesome and I was thinking yesterday running the steps every-other-one that this is a good thing for retaining youth!! 🙂 We love you!! Look forward to seeing you soon.

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