Home…Where They Belong

We are home…and all four are asleep in their beds (well, on mattresses made up on the floor, their rooms were in the depths of remodeling when the SDA appointment notice came) and all is well with the world tonight.  We cannot believe it.  We have just been puppets in a play written minute by minute by God and are nearly overwhelmed from having witnessed the power of it all.

It was a great day, they got to swim for a short time this morning…

~ Universal Fun - Swimming!! ~

and would you believe they figured out the hotel lifeguard is from Russia and thus speaks Russian.  They were so delighted!!  And she worked with two of them on learning to swim.  God just keeps providing every detail!

Our shuttle (quick promo for SuperShuttle, awesome!!) took us to the Baltimore Airport.  We had a couple of hours of down time there before our flight.  The flight was great and we arrived in Louisville to a line of wonderful friends and family to greet us.  Thank you all so much!  The kids were obviously surprised and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We were chauffered home by our neighbors, the Tanners, who also decorated our house with balloons, had a cake and wonderful dinner.  You are the best neighbors anyone could dream of, thank you so much.

~ Welcome Home - The Sweetest Welcome~

~ Our new Americans are Home! ~

~ A Beautiful and Delicious Welcome Home Cake ~

Our friends, Tim and Cindy Meiners and their children, four adopted from Ukraine, who God used to plant the seed for this 10 years ago when they had just returned from their second adoption, stocked our refrigerator and left our kitchen full of food.  We thank God for you!!  Thank you for sharing your story, for being so transparent through the years, and for walking every step of this journey with us.  We are forever grateful!!  We love you all!!

Tomorrow is a new day…a new beginning for us all…and to be honest, a bit overwhelming.  What do we do with them?  Really?  For now, we’re headed to get some sleep and be ready for what God has for us on that new, first day at home.  We’ll give you a report.

One more cool God story I have to share.  Wednesday, June 8th, we checked the children out of Prolisky and took them to be with us full time at DCU.  As we were gathering their things to leave I asked them to each get their tennis shoes.  Alex showed me how his were in poor condition and asked if he should even take them.  His only other shoes were were flip flops so I told him to take them and we would pray that God would make them last until we got home where shoes are better made and much more affordable.  He has worn them through all the sightseeing in Kiev and Washington DC.  Today, after we stepped off the plane and were waiting in the hallway of the Louisville airport he said, “Mom…look” and rolled his foot so I could see his shoe…it had just come completely apart.  We both laughed and said, “They made it!!  Perfect timing.”  New ones are near the top of the list of things to do tomorrow.  Smallest detail after smallest detail God is in this…we stand in awe of how He orchestrates it all.  Thank you Jesus for stretching Alex’s shoes to the finish line!!

Thank you everyone for the many prayers and kindnesses shown to us.  We look forward to opportunities for you to meet our children.  We would love it if you tell them when you meet them if you have prayed for them, we so want them to know what God has done in their lives through so many of you.  Good night all, the Long’s are all home at last!!




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