At Home ~ Day One

Day One is history…and everyone went to bed happy!  Success!!

As we prayed for how to kick this new family off we heard clearly to do what we’d have done 102 days ago…so we did.  The yard was a mess with weeds in the landscaping beds, sticks and debris all over the yard and it due mowing and trimming.  So, immediately after breakfast we shooed the two girls (boys were still sleeping and since yesterday had been quite a day we let them sleep until they awoke on their own) out the door with Barney for landscaping detail.  They had the weeds pulled, the deck swept, the chairs scrubbed and everything done in a flash.  Wow, I love having this work force!! I wish we’d gotten some photos…but we were all too busy!!

The boys came to one by one and Vanya was not happy that his suggestion of work first and then eat was vetoed for eating first and then working.  So, it was a fast breakfast and out the door to work with Pop.  Happy Boy!!  He’s been talking about helping his Dad since we met him, today was the day.  🙂  Soon the last one was up and out to join them ready for the day.  The truck was unloaded so everyone would fit for a trip to Lowe’s for mulch, that was applied and checked from the list in no time.  Wow, keeping ahead of this crew is going to take strategy!!

My Mom has seamlessly handled every detail of our finances for these 3+ months so she and I went through all I needed to know to pick it back up.  I wish she were for hire, I think I’d just stay out of it for good.  She is such a blessing to us, always doing so much more than we could ever imagine.  Thanks Mom, we could never have done this without you keeping this side of the world running.  She has done it all.  We are both in awe of the internet and the link it was for us in this journey.

This afternoon Barney and the three mowed the yard and serviced the lawn mower for the season while Alex and I ran errands that included shopping for his new shoes.  I got an education in trying to find and fit boys shoes.  Not an easy task but 6, yes 6, stores later we had both tennis and dress shoes that he liked and fit him well and both off the clearance rack at Shoe Carnival.  Happy Mom and Son!!  Mission accomplished!!

Tomorrow I have to tackle the sea of suitcases on our bedroom floor, 8 of them and a mess beyond measure.  I posted on cheapcycle today in search of great condition bikes and think we have found 3 or 4 to go see tomorrow.  I’ll send the crew with Barney in search of them while I find myself here at home and try to make some order of it all and then hopefully we’ll enjoy a ride through the neighborhood and park.

So, that’s it…a normal day at the Long’s with four new members on the team.  We had one in a bit of a tiff most of the day but sometime while I was gone she happied up and all was good tonight with a big hug and kiss at bedtime.  As long as we all go to sleep happy I can deal with anything during the day!!  🙂

I cannot imagine how difficult this is for them to come into our world.  I’ve said often that it would be hard for me to move into the next door neighbor’s house who shares my language, cultural background, and faith.  Whatever must this be like for these four?  They are all doing really well…sleeping well…eating relatively well most of the time…and willing to work at everything that needs doing.  We could ask for nothing more.  God has been so good and we are so blessed!!

Near the top of the list for tomorrow is getting the refurbished computer we got for them up and running in the den so they can plow into the new Rosetta Stone English software.  Then comes math and English grammar and Latin and on and on…I’m really anxious to get into school with them.  The Kentucky Home School Convention is this weekend and I may take two with me to get a taste of it, hear a great talk on Creation and pick up Henle Latin curriculum and some other treasures.  The game is on!!

Please keep the prayers coming…we feel each one and know the enemy is conniving the next move during this good time.  We also know his diversion will catch us off guard…always does.  But, we know that He who is in us is greater than He who is in the world!!  God will prevail and we count the days until we see these kids come to share our love and passion for Jesus.  That will be the day!!


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