At Home – Days 2 and 3

~ K'Nex Projects ~

We are settling in at home.  It did my heart good last night to see all 4 of them in the floor quietly focused on K’nex projects.  That felt like being at home in our home.  Not just home…but at home.

One of their first questions to us when we met them was if we had bicycles.  They all like to ride.  So, for the weeks since we’ve learned we would become their parents we have been talking bicycles. Today was the day.  We got the ones in the garage dusted off and the tires pumped up and secured 3 additional ones.  They enjoyed the shopping and the riding.

~ Ready to Ride ~

We rode in our neighborhood for about an hour this evening.  It was wonderful, in the mid-seventies, beautiful skies and a great ride.

~ A Perfect Evening Ride ~

We have been so blessed that our dinner has been a gift each night since we arrived home.  It has allowed me to focus on unpacking and securing clothing and shoes for the children.  We got dress shoes and slacks for Vanya today.  Tomorrow will be shopping for church shoes for the girls and then the evening with our friends with four children adopted from Ukraine who are a couple of years older than our children.

If you’ve followed this journey for many weeks you’ve read of the gratefulness of the children at Prolisky.  All of them.  It was amazing how they would sincerely look anyone, their friend or an adult, in the eye and say thank you for the smallest thing given.  I wondered if this would fade and in the past week it has begun to and it is concerning.  This was one of their best character traits and one we all need as they had.  So, tonight I reminded the one I can talk to of the importance of saying thank you when something is given.  As always, so far, he was convicted and apologetic.  They have been with us 2 weeks and 2 days and it has been a whirlwind for them.  We understand.  But we want them to always be appreciative and not take anything for granted so we will focus diligently on retaining that virtue.

Many thanks to so many who have called, emailed, texted, brought food, come to the airport, loved on us, etc. to let us know they are still with us and offer much appreciated prayers and words of encouragement.  We are cocooning in tight right now as we become a family.  We have some rough edges that need smoothing but all in all we could not have hoped for an easier transition to home.

Our primary prayer request is and will always be that each of the children will see Jesus and make Him the Lord of their lives.  We pray for their hearts and minds to be open to hear the truth, especially as we approach our first Sunday and worship together at home at Southeast.

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