10 Days Home

Music to my ears…happy laughter over a later-than-it-should-be pizza dinner after a shorter-than-we-like, because-it-is-getting-dark bike ride, and all the tomatoes planted in the garden today!  YAY!!  Everyone in a great mood and having fun.  Life is good.  🙂

We’ve been home 10 days and while every moment is not smiles and delight, they are all doing incredibly well.  It is amazing.  Knowing how hard we all pushed the last two weeks before we got home with the sightseeing and appointments in Kyiv and then Washington DC along with all the changes, including 7 hours time difference, we have been allowing them to sleep until they wake up and they are all sleeping nearly 12 hours each night.  That has things delayed each day so Mom and Dad’s goal starting tomorrow is to get it all shifted back to an earlier bedtime.

Having read a stack of books on older child adoption we are amazed at how well they are doing in many areas, one of which is welcoming affection from us and reciprocating.  They all enjoy hugs and the little guy in particular is extremely affectionate.  He makes my day with his sweet smile, genuine “I Love You” (in English!!) and tight hug every morning and night.  I got four separate hugs last night before bed.  They all welcome a touch or light rub on the back anytime.  They are also very grateful and appreciative.  There were a few days last week when “thank you” seemed to be headed for extinction but this week they are all very quick to say thank you, make eye contact and smile.

We purchased a refurbished computer for them before we left for Ukraine and got it set up and our Rosetta Stone English software installed yesterday so they started that today and all reported good scores for their first day.  We will tailor our schedule to allow each of them time to do alot of that each day.  Tonight at dinner there was increased interest in learning a new English phrase.  They made it fun and we all enjoyed a good laugh.  This will be great for them to do each day.  Trying to keep them all entertained every waking hour had Mom and Dad nearing exhaustion.  We had a request from one to do another lesson after dinner but it was so late that was relegated to tomorrow morning.

Our plans are always subject to change without notice, but Lord willing, tomorrow the boys will go with Dad to the farm an hour and a half away for a fun day of play and meeting some neighbors.  The girls and I plan to go shopping for church clothes and other necessities so that should be a fun day after alot of work this week.

So…10 days home and all is well.  Everyone went to bed happy…that is my measure of a great day!  Thanks for continuing to journey with us and we cherish your prayers as we work through the bumps of becoming a family and finding our new normal.  To so many who have sent encouraging emails, given us a hug, told us they are praying for us, brought food, called, listened on the tough days and offered priceless suggestions for taking care of ourselves…we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We love you all!!



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