Cooking and Kittens

Presto!!  Eureka!!  We think we’ve found it!!  Thank you Jesus!!  Our oldest girl loves to cook and is really good at it.  It seems to be the magic ticket to happiness…oh, happy day!!  And lets Mom off the hook too…life is grand!!

Yesterday they asked if they could cook bleenie for lunch.  That is Ukrainian for crepes.  The three older ones loved this and they laughed and worked forever, it was fabulous.  And so was lunch!!

They had asked last week if they could cook borsch, a Ukrainian soup.  So, tonight was borsch and verinicky night.  They worked 3.5 hours chopping, sauteing, boiling, deboning, mixing, and rolling out dough, it was a major production.  And it was great!  Nicole is head chef and she leads the team.  The youngest one floats in and out but the older three are in for the long haul.   They work and laugh and it is great.   Here you go…enjoy!

~ Nicole at work and Dad in search of the needed supplies ~

~ Whole Crew at Work ~

Kittens…both of the boys LOVE animals.  Prolisky (their orphanage) had a great cat we’d love to have adopted along with the kids.  Our cat disappeared in late December and our 16 year old border collie, Princess, died April 6, our first week in Makeevka.  We came home for the first time in 24 years animal-less.  We’d been talking of getting kittens for weeks.  Monday night one of the boys asked if we were going to buy a cat.  We knew it was time.  God knew too because last night a family posted on our homeschool loop that they had two neutered 10 week old male kittens for free.  Perfect!!  We contacted them and had fun visiting with them today, jumping on the trampoline, petting the chickens and seeing their boys’ menagerie of turtles, frogs and more.  Sadly, I didn’t get photos of them with the kittens so we’ll get those tomorrow!!  They are adorable, of course, and there is no greater therapy than cat petting.  🙂

This week started rough but in God’s grace He brought cooking and kittens to us and four very happy soon-to-be-sleeping kids as I type.  Thank you Jesus!!  And, keep it coming…we have no idea how to do this and trust your leading each step of the way.


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One Response to Cooking and Kittens

  1. Jo says:

    Yeah for the Kitties! They really are healing to a pained soul! I have 2, Fauna and Flora and they have pulled me through a difficult journey through cancer. I believe Jesus put them in my life for many reasons. I’m so happy to hear the kids are finding joy and comfort in cooking. And, that your family has so many who are willing to walk beside you through the good and not so good days! Hugs to you All! ~ Jo

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