The Sunday Night Report

Well…this was supposed to be a light, fun post with a few fun photos depicting routine life at the Long’s this week.  And then I accidentally closed the van door on Nicole’s hand…and this wonderful Sunday ended up in another trip to the Emergency Room…so there’s the bad news.  The good news is that the x-ray shows her hand is bruised but nothing is broken and it should be fine in a couple of days.

Everyone has been doing well…I’ve been amazed that no one has gotten sick, arriving home in the summertime has its advantages.

Here’s the “Life at the Long’s” post I meant for this to be:

Our recent days have been focused on finishing a remodeling job at home on the kids rooms and the boys bath…

~ Dad and Vanya working on the Guys Bath ~

There is lots of computer work going on with all 4 of them doing Rosetta Stone English and one also doing an English typing program.

We end most every day with an hour or more bike ride through our little city with a stop at the park for play…

~ Volleyball Game ~

~ Old Fashioned Fun on the Kids Playground ~

…and a great swingset we all enjoy!  While our hearts are in the country and we would love it if the Lord allows us to return to living on a farm someday, we truly are blessed to live in this wonderful little city within the city of Louisville.  A great place to ride bikes, play and keep life really simple while we all transition into a new normal.

We enjoyed our Bible study class and worship today and our friends had the kids back out for the afternoon.  Their girls wanted to learn to make bleenie (and we’ve got the bleenie making pro here!) so they did that while the guys enjoyed the outdoors with golf, water guns, a zip line and of course, a good round of soccer.  We met back up at a city park in Middletown that had a live concert, hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and all the trimmings for dinner.  The kids had a great time playing together in the park and we all enjoy the time visiting and sharing encouragement.  We cannot tell you the blessing this family is to us…God has put them in our lives for this time and we are beyond thankful.

Here’s a photo from our time at the park…Pavlina enjoying a good tree climb with a new friend, a girl adopted as an infant by another family in our church…everywhere we turn there is another adoptive family, what a blessing!!

~ Mya and Pavlina ~

Here are a few prayer requests when we come to mind…first is food.   They all ate great when they first joined us in Ukraine but not so much anymore.  They have done some cooking this week and really enjoyed it but we need to work on making a meal plan for the week that is balanced and healthy.  Man cannot live on bleenie alone!!  🙂

Healing for Nicole’s hand to come quickly so she can be back on her bike and playing volleyball soon.

God’s strength for Mom and Dad…here goes totally honest…this is exhausting.  And has been since August 24, 2009 when God called us to adoption and we began this process.  These five most recent months have been incredibly intense and draining  in so many ways; physically, emotionally, financially, but most of all spiritually intense beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.  Satan roams as a prowling lion seeking to kill and destroy and unfortunately we did not leave him in Ukraine.  He presses on all the more intently now that we are home and more able to show our love and commitment to the children as they grow to trust us and know we care deeply for them.  We cherish your prayers…the transition continues…our faith that God will provide each need is continually tested and strengthened…and the precious times bonding with our kids are added daily.  We are tired…but oh, so blessed!!  Thank you to each one who prays, who has come alongside, who cares and loves us, we love you all!!

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