Writing and editing blog posts at 2:30 am is not conducive to all things being correct.  Thanks to our dear friend Aimee who graciously (and kindly) pointed out that the scripture reference I quoted is from Romans 8:28.  So, let’s have it again with the correct reference this time…

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 NIV

As a little update, I talked to the respite care Mom this morning and our daughter and son are doing exceptionally well.  There are some identical negative behaviors playing out, particularly with our daughter; using food consumption, or lack of, for control and nasty mad rebellious faces are being played out there just as they have here.  They are handling it all with grace, understanding and firmness.   It is good to know that this is the child’s issue and she does not discriminate…obviously this is not related to us..she’s rude to us all!  There is comfort in that!!

We are all praying for God to make clear His will for their lives.  They have six younger children and that seems to be a great match for these young-at-heart teens.  Our utmost prayer is that they will know Jesus, really know Him, and that they have a happy home where Christian marriage and parenting are modeled for them.  We will watch and wait to see His plan for them.

We thank each of you who have sent personal emails…you are so gracious and saying such nice things.  We are so humbled.  It has been quite a journey but we are grateful for every step as we’ve seen God at work as never before in our lives.  He is mighty and able and it is Him that we serve, regardless whether the day is sunny and the hugs are tight or the skies are gray and the tempers are exploding.  He is on His throne and will draw us all to Him.

Keep the prayers coming and we’ll try to keep posting!!

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