About Us

We are the Long’s, both racing toward 50, married 24 wonderful years and very recently empty-nested.  God called us to adoption in Eastern Europe 18 months ago and though it has been a long journey to fruition the call has never waivered.  We are excited and honored to follow God’s call to His precious children.

Four months ago we would have shown you photos of 4 children ages 12 – 16 who have each occupied a space in a photo frame on our dresser and in our hearts for over a year and named them one by one as the children who would accompany us home.  That is now all uncertain…time has a way of changing things on this side of heaven.  The most important thing will always be certain, God’s passion for the orphan and to place the lonely in families.

We go joyfully and with expectant anticipation to watch God work and reveal His plan to us and to the children.  We covet your prayers.  This promises to be a very interesting and oftentimes exciting journey.  We are not seasoned travelers so are venturing far from our comfort zone but are confident that He goes before us and prepares the way.

Thanks for visiting our little place on the web.  We welcome your emails with any questions, prayers, and notes of encouragement along the way at followhiscall@gmail.com

Many families have shared their stories through blogs and we are forever grateful for their transparency and courage.  God is using one family’s story and photos to call more.  It is our prayer that God’s story relayed through this blog will encourage every Christ follower to join God’s call to care for the orphan through adoption or support of families who adopt.

Soli deo Gloria ~ Glory to God alone


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Your mother is a class mate of mine and I think you are a very brave couple to attempt this endeavor. Your faith shows that God will be right beside you as you go about adopting however many children who want to be adopted or that you are premitted to adopt.

  2. Paula Settle says:

    I am so excited for you !! I am enjoying your website and the day by day adventure.

    You are in my prayers.

    Paula S

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